Article Abstract

The importance of the mesentery in emergency general surgery: ignore the mesentery at your peril

Authors: Rishabh Sehgal, Tara M. Connelly, Helen M. Mohan, Gerard J. Byrnes, Colin Peirce, J. Calvin Coffey


The mesentery is now accepted as continuous from the duodeno-jejunal flexure to the mesorectum. The new mesenteric model provides an anatomical frame of reference that explains the aetiology and pathology of multiple surgical emergencies of the abdominal cavity. Furthermore, mesenteric continuity simplifies and enhances the radiological interpretation of the abdomen with major implications at diagnostic and interventional levels. The adoption of mesenteric-based surgical treatment strategies greatly enhances the surgeon’s ability to treat emergencies of the abdomen. The following article will demonstrate how recent clarification of mesenteric anatomy and the demonstration of continuity profoundly alter our perspective on surgical emergencies of the abdomen. It will demonstrate how the perspective afforded to us by the new mesenteric model greatly enhances our diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities.