Jianping Gong, MD, PhD (Gastric Surgery)

Director of General Surgery, Director of Gastrointestinal Surgery Center, Chair of Cancer Research Institute, Professor of Surgery in Tongji Hospital, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Dr. Gong is a member of Surgery Branch of Chinese Medical Association, deputy head of Experimental Surgery Group in Chinese Medical Association and is granted a Special Allowance from the State Council. He is also the main editor or in editorial board of many surgical journals.

Dr. Gong raised the idea of surgical molecular biology in 1994, which brought surgical research into molecular biology period.

In 2013, Dr. Gong proposed and published his viewpoints of cancer metastasis V, Mesogastrium, PSDM in stomach, and created a new surgical way to treat gastric cancer (D2+CME). He was invited to the 9th IGCC to show his research about D2+CME operations in Italy, 2013.

In 2014, Dr. Gong proposed membrane anatomy theory, put it into colon cancer operations and created a new operation for right hemicolectomy (D3+CME). And then in 2014 Munich ECC, Dr. Gong gave a speech on membrane anatomy and D3+CME operation in right colon cancer.

In 2015, Dr. Gong gave a special lecture about gastric mesentery model in the 87th JGCA, Japan. As the spread influence of D2/3+CME operations and membrane anatomy, Dr. Gong was invited to do live operations twice in international conferences (the 4th ECTA in Russian and the 26th CGES in Italy) in 2015. Dr. Gong was also invited to give special reports about D2/3+CME operations in the 10th IGCC in Brazil and the 70th JSCP in Japan.

In 2016, Dr. Gong was invited to make special speeches about D2/3+CME operations in many famous international conferences, such as 2016 SAGES in Boston, the 133th KDGC in Berlin, 2016 ACS in Washington.

In 2017, Dr. Gong was invited to make a live operation (Laparoscopy assistant radical distal gastrectomy-D2+CME ) in the 11th IGCC in Beijing and acquired wide praises. He was also invited to the 89th JGCA of Japan to give a lecture about the point of Cancer Leak and the results of “D2+CME operations in obesity gastric cancer patients”. In March 2017, He was invited to give an opening speech on Macro Surgery in the 50th KSCP and the 5th ECTA in Korea. He is also invited to give live operations about D3+CME operations on Sep 18th in Milan and Dec 2nd in Roma this year.

In these three years, Dr. Gong was also invited to do more than 40 live operations in many important conferences in China. The researches about membrane anatomy, cancer metastasis V and D2/3+CME operations from Dr. Gong’s group were published in many famous journals such as Surg Endosc, Med Hypotheses, PLoS One, Sci Rep and some Chinese journals.

The D2/3+CME operations for gastrointestinal cancer created by Dr. Gong have acquired spread acceptance in the world because they could bring less bleeding, more lymph nodes acceptance and better prognosis than traditional operations.