Rafael Riveros, MD (Peritoneum)

Professor Emeritus-Surgery, Universidad del Rosario, Bogota, Colombia

Professor Rafael Riveros was born in Bogotá Colombia. His primary education was carried out at Gimnasio Campestre and the secondary at Colegio San Carlos and the National Naval Academy in Cartagena. He went to undergraduate Medical School at Rosario University in Bogota, did the obligatory rural practice at Instituto de Medicina Legal and enter straight to residency as prize for earning the BEST INTERN AWARD 1974.

Being fully bilingual Professor Riveros attended the full three year program in GENERAL SURGERY, and started the academic career as Instructor in general surgery that progressed interrupted to all levels being chief of residents full professor, chief of surgery, chairman of the department of Surgery, Chancellor of the University for 14 years and was elected PRESIDENT of Rosario University. He spent two years training at Uniformed Services University of the Health sciences in vascular and transplant Surgery in Bethesda and W.R.A.M.C

Professor Riveros’s activity has been mainly academic with space in education development, research development, production of books in pancreatic surgery, (acute pancreatitis, cancer of the pancreas, strategy in surgery, management of obesity, description of a new syndrome: tertiary peritoneal failure) all these have as main author. Since that time of the initiation of sturdies in medicine and surgery Professor Riveros has kept an unquiet attitude toward patient and family ell being approaching medicine in a creative manner. Innovation is the most important part of this activity resulting in the permanent change of attitudes in the provisions of health. For the last seven years, along with being named Emeritus Professor of Surgery, he has been the Scientific Director at Hospital Universitario Mayor, for Universidad del Rosario, the largest and most complex of University Hospitals in Colombia and has also been the head of THE PATIENT Security PROGRAM. He has two books in printing: Surgery, Discipline and Robotics, and Mederi a Dream Come true.